Revealing the pattern for
next generation diagnostics

Biosignatures has the capability to reliably discover multiple protein based disease diagnostics. Three cancer diagnostic products are in development,
one of which has passed its first clinical validation trial.

Biosignatures are developing next generation diagnostic tests to arm healthcare providers with accurate tools for the diagnosis of disease where current tools are invasive, expensive or both.

Biosignatures Established Innovators

Established Innovators

Biosignatures was established in 2007 to address a global need for non-invasive, patient friendly, accurate and low-cost disease diagnosis.
Following significant R&D and a first successful validation trial result, it is now starting to commercialise its technology.

Biosignatures Products and Projects

Products and Projects

Avoiding unnecessary biopsies is a key focus for Biosignatures. The company's first product, BiopSave, has passed its first independent clinical trial. Two other products in bladder and renal cancers are in pre-clinical development.

Biosignatures - Participants and Clinicians

Participants and Clinicians

If you are participating in one of the studies Biosignatures is carrying out, thank you! Biosignatures has developed a patented software system which it is using to create new diagnostic tests from the analysis of patient blood samples. We couldn't do it without you.

Diagnostic Tests

The products developed by Biosignatures are minimally- invasive diagnostic and prognostic blood tests discovered using a combination of proteomic separation and Biosignatures' unique analysis software technology. All the products here offer significant clinical benefits and also bring major improvements to the patient experience, reducing the need for current, more invasive procedures.

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