Transforming lives by diagnosing disease early

Why Early Diagnosis?

Diagnosing and treating diseases such as cancer at an early stage can save lives. In fact, early diagnosis can make a staggering difference to survival rates.

“We stand on the cusp of a new era of personalised medicine that will dramatically transform care for cancer and for inherited and rare diseases. In particular, new technologies for precision early diagnosis would unlock enormous survival gains, as well as dramatic productivity in the practice of medicine” 

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive, NHS England

It’s a Massive Challenge

Despite years of research we still don’t fully understand the complex biological systems and mechanisms that lead to disease. This poses a significant challenge in the quest to diagnose disease early.

Most researchers and companies are focused on diagnosing disease by looking at genes or DNA, a branch of science known as “Genomics”. Biosignatures is a leader in “Proteomics”, the analysis of the proteins in your body. We are convinced this is a more promising route to universal early diagnosis of disease because:

Genomics is the potential you were born with, proteomics is who you are right now.

To develop our early diagnosis tests, we will be collecting tens of thousands of samples from people, measuring the proteins in their blood to create a digital dataset and then using our unique machine learning software to distinguish between those that have disease and those that don’t. It’s a mammoth task.


What are we doing?

The solution to solving the challenge of early diagnosis already exists. It’s coursing through the veins of everyone in the form of the proteins in their blood, waiting to be discovered. To unlock the problem and deliver the solution, we have developed two unique technologies:

A unique and patented machine learning software that has been specifically designed to overcome the problems of over-learning in large data sets and discover biomarkers that work in general populations.

A world leading capability in processing large quantities of very small samples of blood to accurately analyse and digitise the unique protein pattern in each sample.

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We won’t stop, ever!

Everyone at Biosignatures is committed to our mission. The potential of early diagnosis to save and transform lives, and to reduce the burden on healthcare systems, is enormous. We will not stop until we solve this problem because, at some time or another in our lives, we are all affected directly or indirectly by disease.


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