Clinical Trials

Safety and efficacy are our top priorities, what we do affects peoples’ lives, we will never forget that.

Our First Priority Is Patients And Their Safety

The most important thing to us is that our tests, once available to patients, are safe, helpful and do not lead to an inaccurate diagnosis. To achieve this, we partner with leading clinicians and academics to conduct rigorous clinical trials enrolling thousands of patients to provide the data we need to discover biomarkers and then validate their safety and efficiency in real world situations, actual clinics in hospitals. We simply could not do this without the expertise and skill of our clinical and academics collaborators and the selfless support of patients.

Study Status

Prostate Cancer Validation Trial, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle

This study is a blinded, prospective, non-randomised observational controlled study to validate the clinical performance of a novel proteomic blood test for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. It compares the ability of the biomarker to predict a biopsy-derived diagnosis of prostate cancer with that of current practice, which is based upon a patient’s prostate specific antigen (PSA) level.The results have come in from phase one, and it’s a success! The product demonstrated it is 4X more effective than PSA and 56% better than the leading next generation competitor. We expect to have the results from Phase 2 in 2019.

BiopSave: Clinical Trial

Urology validation study, Sunderland Royal Hospital, Sunderland

This study is now complete. Samples have been collected and used internally to test the performance of prostate, bladder and renal signatures. Currently there are no results to report externally.

Urology discovery study, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle

This study is successfully complete. Three products have been discovered during the study in prostate, bladder and renal cancers. The prostate product is being blind validation as described above.

Future Studies

Our next phase of studies will focus on processing hundreds of thousands of samples from biobanks to deliver the significant volumes of data we need to discover early diagnostics for multiple diseases. We expect to begin these studies in 2019.

If you would like to know more or are a clinician that would like to participate in future studies, please get in touch, we’d love to talk

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