Early diagnosis is half the cure

Fast, reliable, accurate and non-invasive early diagnosis of disease has the potential to transform healthcare and save lives across the whole world


Our Technology

Building on our deep understanding of the underlying scientific issues in diagnostic discovery, we have created a technology platform with two main components.

To find new tests, we collect thousands of blood samples from patients as they present at the clinic. We measure the proteins in the samples using our Multiple Proteoform Monitoring, then feed the data into the Tiger Machine Learning Software, which identities those patients that can be used to predict disease states.

Whilst the initial focus is on diagnostics for urological cancers, the technology platform will soon be applied across a wide range of diseases.

Multiple Proteoform Monitoring

A reliable proteomic processing system for the identification of diagnostic signatures by separating the proteins in blood samples and measuring them using an imager.

The Patented Tiger Machine Learning Software

Developed over more than 10 years by the company. This software represents a breakthrough in the analysis of large proteomic datasets.

Looking for Disease Biomarkers in the Blood

There is an increasing body of scientific evidence that demonstrates the role played by proteins in disease. This evidence reveals how proteins change and can be used to distinguish between those with disease and those without. These biological systems and mechanisms that are related to disease are incredibly complex but the research we have performed so far has already revealed a protein biomarker that has the potential to transform the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

It’s all about the data

Biosignatures has been a pioneer in machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence since 2007, long before these terms became fashionable and over used. We’re convinced that the route to fast, accurate and reliable early diagnosis of disease lies in the proteins found in everyone’s blood. However, with many thousands of proteins present in the blood at any time, it’s a very large scale “needle in a haystack” problem.

So, from the laboratory to the clinic, we’re committed to producing the highest quality data we can and validating it with rigorous clinical trials so that we can eventually provide patients and clinicians with truly actionable information that transforms their lives.

Our ultimate aim is to be able to analyse a single sample of blood and provide an early diagnosis for as many as 20 or 30 life changing diseases.

We’re serious about the science

Quality control flows through everything we do. We are committed to generating the highest quality data and our processes and procedures have been designed from the ground up with this objective in mind.

To keep us on track, our quality management system and procedures are certified to the latest ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards.

Don’t just take our word for it. You can read some of our peer reviewed publications on our science and technology.

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