Our Vision

To create new, non-invasive, patient friendly and reliable disease diagnostics

The problem:

There is huge pent up demand for new diagnostics as the current tools available to clinicians are often invasive, expensive or inaccurate – and often all three together. For blood tests, this issue is made worse by the fact that the $4.2bn per annum scientific discipline of protein analysis (known as proteomics) has not yet been able to meet this need.

The solution:

Biosignatures was established to address this global need for non-invasive, patient friendly, accurate and low cost cancer diagnostics. We believe we are the first organisation in the world who can reliably and effectively find new and highly valuable diagnostics using proteomics.

How do Biosignatures do this?

Building on its deep understanding of the underlying scientific issues in diagnostic discovery, Biosignatures has created a technology platform with three main components.

To find new tests, first we collect hundreds of blood samples from patients as they present at the clinic. We process the samples using our Multiple Protein Monitoring System, then feed the data into the Tiger Statistical Software, which identifies those proteins that can be used to predict disease state. The whole process is controlled by the Work Packet System procedures and runs under our ISO 13485 Quality System.

Whilst the initial focus is on diagnostics for urological cancers, the technology platform will be applied across a wide range of diseases.

Work packet system-01

Multiple Protein Monitoring -
A reliable proteomic processing system for the identification of diagnostic signatures by separating the proteins in blood samples and measuring them using an imager.

The Patented Tiger Statistical Software - Developed over more than 10 years by the former research team of Nonlinear Dynamics. This software represents a breakthrough in the analysis of large proteomic datasets.

The Work Packet System - Industry leading standard operating procedures across clinical study design, patient recruitment, clinical sample tracking, data capture, sample biobanking, reporting and informatics.

The future for Biosignatures

Biosignatures are seeking to raise major investment to fund the development of infrastructure and building the team which will support the rapid commercialisation of existing products and accelerate the development of pipeline products.


For more information and investment opportunities 

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